Kerry Twenty20


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  1. TEAMS
  1. The league will consist of eight teams split into two divisions. Division 1 (D1) will comprise of last year’s top 4 teams: Killarney, Tralee, North Kerry & Dingle. Division 2 (D2) will consist of: Kilcoman, Valentia and two new sides Bailey’s Corner & Kerry County Council.
  2. The top two teams in each Division will play each other to decide the winners of each Division on Grand Final Day.
  3. The bottom placed team in D1 and the top of D2 will Play-Off against each other with the winner getting to play in D1 next season and the loser playing in D2.
  4. League fees are €250 per team and should be paid to Richard Rutland by 1/7/12. Any player who has not paid their fees will not be eligible to participate in the Playoff Round or Grand Final.
  5. Teams may field as many players as they wish throughout the League campaign but to participate in the Playoff or Grand Final a player must have played in at least two regular League game unless both captains and the umpire agree otherwise.
  6. Once a player has played a League match for any team they cannot switch to another. This does not count for friendlies.
  7. Floating Players. Floating Players can be used by understrength teams to supplement their numbers as long as both captains agree. A Floating Player is defined as: A non key player who is looking to gain match experience. A team can use a maximum of two Floating Players in their side in any one game. These players cannot open the batting or bowling. A floating player can only play for each team twice. If both teams are short of players Floating Players can only be used to even out the team numbers ie. If there are two teams with nine players and only three Floating Players available then both sides will get only get one player each so that ten play against ten.  No Floating Players can be used in the Grand Final. Players under the age of 15 can be used at will.
  8. To make the Division 2 more competitive and to ensure decent games of cricket are played for all, the following players have been assigned to the following teams:

Valentia – Niall & Johnathan B

KCC – Richard, Daragh & Mohan

Bailey’s Corner – Owais & Kassim

Any Div 1 players wishing to play in addition those mentioned above must be agreed on by both captains of each side before the toss, including any stipulations on restrictions of where they bat and bowl if necessary. At the end of the day common sense should prevail and it isn’t fun for anyone playing an understrength team. And in reverse any tapping up of extra players before matches will be severely frowned upon and should only be used in a case of a genuine emergency


  1. All matches will be played at Tralee Sports Centre with a 6:00pm start time, unless a later time is agreed on by both team captains and the League. Matches will commence on time regardless of how many team members have arrived at that point.
  2. A game may be moved to a weekend or other date if both captains agree and the ground is available.


  1. Cricket whites are encouraged but not mandatory. However bowlers must wear a white t-shirt in order to bowl.


  1. When possible one impartial umpire will be supplied for each match. However a square leg umpire must be provided by the batting side unless someone suitable is available and prepared to help out.


  1. The match will comprise of 20 overs of 6 balls each per side. To speed up the game the fielding side will only change ends every 2nd over with only the batsman swapping on alternate overs. Slow play will incur a -5 run penalty and is at the sole discretion of the appointed umpire.
  2. A new batsman has 60 seconds to get to the crease after the dismissal of the previous batsman. Any longer will incur a -5 run penalty.
  3. No extra ball shall be awarded for wides or no balls except in the last over of each innings.
  4. All deliveries passing 15” wide down the leg side to a batsman in his normal stance shall be called as wide.
  5. Two runs will be awarded for a wide or a no ball including the last over of each innings.
  6. Front foot no balls will result in the following ball being a free hit. For this ball, the batsman cannot be given out by any way in the cricket rules apart from being run-out. The captain cannot change the field setting and it will remain the same as the previous ball.
  7. The LBW rule will be active.
  8. Bowlers will be allowed to bowl a maximum of 4 overs each.
  9. Batsmen must retire on reaching 30 but are eligible for return at the fall of the last wicket in the order in which they retired. A retirement does not count as a wicket for bonus points.
  10. Sledging the opposing team or dissent towards the umpire will not be tolerated and will first be met with an official warning and if persistent a -5 run penalty.
  11. The umpire’s decision is final and shall not be questioned. Excessive appealing by the fielding side or batsmen questioning wide decisions etc. will incur a -5 run penalty after an initial warning is ignored.
  12. If the Umpire believes that the batsman can no longer see the ball due to low lying sunlight in their eyes, then he has the power to continue the game bowling from the affected end.


  1. No batsman in Division 2 can be given out on his first ball.
  2. In Division 2 the “Bouncer” ball is deemed illegal and will be a wide. If two are bowled in the same over then that bowler will immediately removed without a warning.


  1. If less than 5 overs of play for each side are possible due to weather then the match will be declared abandoned and no bonus points awarded. A suitable replacement fixture will be sought but if neither team can agree an available date the match shall be called abandoned. All games must be played before the date of the Promotion Playoff on August 25th.
  2. If more than 5 overs of play are possible for the team batting second, but the match cannot be completed due to poor weather then the result shall be decided on straight run rate per ball and any bonus points accrued will stand.
  3. In the event that a team is unable to fulfil a fixture, then they shall concede the game and 20 points will be awarded to the “winning” team.


a. League points will be awarded as such:

  1.   10 points for a win.
  2.   5 points each for a tie.
  3. 3 points each for an abandoned game.
  4. 0 points for a loss.

b. Bonus points will be awarded as such:

  1. One batting bonus point awarded for reaching each of 60, 80, 100, 120, and 140 respectively, making a maximum of 5 batting points
  2. One bowling bonus point for taking the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th wickets respectively making a maximum of 5 bowling points. If a team has fewer than 11 players and are bowled out, all 5 bowling points will be awarded.
  3. If a team is set a low batting target by the opening side they can still gain maximum batting points by having wickets in hand. If they have only 1 wicket remaining they score 1 point, 2 remaining = 2 points and so on. Up to a maximum of 5 batting points when combined with their run scored points e.g. a winning score of 81 for 8 would score 2 points for reaching 80 runs and 2 points for having 2 wickets remaining making a total of 4 batting points.
  4. If a side has less than 11 players and uses a retired batsman in order to bat through their innings, the bowling side should not be prevented from scoring the bowling points for the wickets they could have taken. In this case the final batting pairing is always treated as if they were the last two wickets of the match. If two batsman are retired and one does not get in, there would effectively be three wickets remaining, and so on. For example, if a side has 8 players, and a retired batsman and batsman No. 8 make it to the end of the innings the bowling team would still get 4 bowling points even though only 6 wickets have been taken. This must be flagged in in your match report when registering your scores.In the event that teams finish on the same number of points, the team with the best head-to-head result will be placed first. If they are the same, then the team with the most bowling points shall prevail, and if they are the same then the team with the most batting points shall prevail. If they are still the same, then then the side with the best overall run rate will prevail. If this is still the same and a place in the playoffs or Grand Final is at stake a Super-Over will take place between the two sides at an mutually arranged date.
  5. In the event of a tied game in the Playoff Round or Grand Final the team with the best run rate over the season will be declared winner. If this is the same then a Super-Over will take place to decide the winner.
  6. A representative from each side must register the score for each of their games to claim the number of points earned by emailing the result as soon as practical after the game’s conclusion to Ben Farr at or by text to 087 757 8988. No email or text = NO POINTS!