County Kerry vs Cork County II Junior Cup Semi-Final

County Kerry faced Cork County at the Tralee Sports Complex in the Semi-Finals of the Junior Cup. The conditions were perfect for what turned out to be a fantastic game of Cricket.

Kerry batted first with S.Rutland and K.Iqbal. The batting looked promising from the off with both Rutland and Iqbul playing their way in, but disaster struck as Rutland was bowled for 1. A.Morshed then entered the crease and both batsmen put on a very respectable tally of runs (45 for Morshed and 58 for Iqbul) Iqbul was eventually caught and Morshed was bowled. Club Captain O.Gohar made a valuable 43 and Y.Alli made a fantastic 65 in a very quick space of time before both were caught. Q.Butt played his way in and made a great knock of 37 and N.Riaaz made 11 but Q.Butt was run out and Riaaz was trapped for LBW. I. Rutland made 4 and S.Dar scored 1 to end Kerry’s innings on 307-8 with 2 Batsmen to spare in their allotted 40 overs.

Cork Bowling figures

J.McGurk 2 for 31
H.O’Brien 0 for 45
W.Bradley 0 for 17
Narza 0 for 45
K.O’Sullivan 0 for 47
M.Baig 3 for 72
B.Morgan 1 for 38

After the break both teams re-entered play and the chase was definitely on for Cork. They started extremely well with Kerry’s lacklustre performance in the field and they were punished as Corks openers B.Morgan and M.Baig put on 114 for the first wicket making scores of 75 and 37 respectively. Once thee batsmen fell Cork were unable to replicate the opening partnership as P.Barlow (17) Charlie, B.Quinn and P.McDowd made only 15 between the three. W.Bradley showed signs of a revival but was bowled out for 14, Narza chipped in with 3 and the final runs for Cork were scored by K.O’Sullivan (7) and J.McGurk (6) with Cork’s final batsmen H.O’Brien not scoring as Kerry managed to win by 99 runs. Kerry will be pleased at the win and will need to look at their fielding but overall a good game with a fantastic atmosphere. Kerry progress to the final with the prospect of winning their first Cup of the season.
Bowling figures for Kerry

O.Gohar 3 for 49
K.Iqbal 0 for 16
S.Dar 0 for 27
S.Rutland 0 for 24
Usman 1 for 28
A.Morshed 2 for 27
Q.Butt 3 for 26